Omar Mukhtar - The Lion of the Desert
“We win or we Die” – Omar Mukhtar 1931
Day 1 Midday flight from the UK to Tripoli, followed by our flight to Benghazi. Greeted and escorted to our hotel for one night. (D) Day 2 Transfer to our hotel by the sea at Sousa. Rest of the day at leisure. Day includes a tour of the ancient city of Apollonia. (B L D) Day 3 Morning visit to the Cars battlefield above Sousa, then onto the village named Omar Muktar and the site where the “Lion” was captured in 1931. Returning to Sousa we visit the Italian built Town Hall where he was held prisoner until sent to Benghazi. (B L D)
Tour Dates: 1st - 7th September Tour Price: TBC Single Supplement: TBC Deposit per person: TBC Group Price: On Request Bespoke Price: On Request Price includes all flights, all 4/5 Star hotels, all meals and all entrance fees, and Battlefield Guide
Follow   in   the   footsteps   of   Omar Al   Mukhtar,   a   teacher   by   profession,   resistance   fighter by obligation. Inspirational leader of the Libyan resistance 1911 – 1931. Following   the   1911   Italian   invasion   of   Libya   Omar   Al   Mukhtar   led   resistance   groups        of Arabs,   Berbers   and   Sanussi   in   a   twenty   year   struggle   for   freedom,   despite   the   most inhuman measures undertaken by the Italians. Despite   using   aircraft   and   tanks   in   the   desert   for   the   first   time,   and   thousands troops,   the   Italians   were   continually   embarrassed   by   these   “mere   Bedouins”   who fought   with   fanatical   bravery,   so   much   so,   that   they   would   bind   one   of   their   legs   so that they could not run away. A   master   strategist   in   desert   warfare   Muhktar   would   attack   Italian   troops   where- ever   he   could   find   them   and   then   disappear   back   into   the   desert.   Mussolini   then   sent General   “Butcher”   Graziani   to   Libya   for   a   final   and   bloody   confrontation   with   Omar           Al   Muhktar   and   the   Libyan   resistance.   Eventually   in   1931   Sidi   Omar   as   he   was     known   to   his   followers   was   captured   in   battle,   tried,   and   executed   in   front   of   his   own people at Solluch. The   Italians   had   hoped   that   the   resistance   would   die   with   Muhktar,   but   Omar   Al Mukhtar   lived   on   in   the   hearts   of   his   people,   and   remains   a   true   symbol   of   defiance   to oppression to this day. This    little    known    Libyan    folk    hero    and    martyr,    never    forgotten    in    Libya,    was          brought to the world in the 1981 film “Lion of the Desert”. Join   us   as   we   visit   the   places   and   battlefields   associated   with   Omar   Al   Muhktar   - Solluch,   Benghazi,   Tripoli,   Wadi   el   Kuf,   Al   Bayda,   The   Green   Mountains,   Derna   and more.   Mohamed   the   only   son   of   Omar   Al   Muhktar   will   be   joining   us   for   a   short   time        on this tour.
Day 4 Drive to Benghazi through the Green Mountains to Cyrene and the Wadi Kuf, site of Omar Muktars greatest battle with the Italians. Transfer to our hotel in Benghazi. During the day we will meet Mohamed Omar el Mukhtar. (B L D) Day 5 Drive to Solluch site of the enormous Italian concentration camp and where Omar Mukhtar was executed and is now buried. (B L D) Day 6 Morning flight to Tripoli. Rest of the day at leisure. (B L D) Day 7 Tour of Tripoli, including the Red Castle which houses artefacts belonging to Omar Mukhtar including the gallows on which he was hanged. (B L D) Day 8 Return flight to the UK or other destination. (B)